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Everything you need to have fun in Palmasera

Beach Palmasera

The beach

Discover the most beautiful area of the coast of Palmasera

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The beach

4 different beaches just in a few kilometers
Palmasera (more correctly Prammaseda) is the main beach of Cala Gonone and runs longitudinally through the town for most of its extension. In the past, the beach was much smaller both as a longitudinal and transverse extension.The current extension of about 1km, was reached with the nourishment works of the mid-90s which allowed to support the growing tourist offer of the village.

The toponym

Palmasera, the name commonly and currently used for the beach is an incorrect translation of the original toponym. The authentic name of the area is Prammaseda, to be interpreted as Pramma e 'seda, that is the dwarf palm used to weave some garments 

Shoreline composition

Starting from the north and reaching the stretch of Sos Dorroles, the shoreline is mainly composed of plagioclase quartz and feldpsates and has a coarse "grain size". The stretch between Sos Dorroles and S'abba Meica contains the same material but has retained more of the finer sand grains from Osalla, which had been laid during the coastal protection works of the 1990s. 


The bathymetric line in front of Palmasera is characterized by an average sloping seabed with an average depth of 40 cm every meter of distance from the shore for the first 10 meters. The beach allows safe bathing with respect to the currents and undertow conditions that can occur due to the prevailing wave motions, coming from the south east or north east.


    Dog friendly and suitable for families

    The northern stretch of Palmasera coincides with the final stretch of the main promenade of Cala Gonone (the homonymous viale Palmasera). About 30 meters of beach have been allocated by the municipal administration, to accommodate groups and families with dogs. The beach is also convenient for families due to the presence of bars, ice cream parlors and services. 

  • Palmasera
    central section

    The most popular stretch and with the best services to have fun

    The stretch between the park of Palmasera and Sos Dorroles is one of the most beautiful in Cala Gonone. This is due to the regularity of the shore plan and the numerous services on the beach. Among the most popular are water games, the possibility of renting kayaks, pedal boats, jet skis and rubber boats, with direct departure from the beach and away from the chaos of the port

  • Palmasera
    Sos Dorroles

    Turquoise water color and more tranquility

    The final stretch of Palmasera is also identified as "Sos Dorroles beach". It is the one that has maintained its original conformation after the coastal protection interventions. It is characterized by a greater presence of fine sand both on the shoreline and on the seabed. Another feature are the colors of the water tending to turquoise due to the presence of freshwater springs that come from the hinterland.

  • Spiaggia S'Abba Meica

    The most beautiful "Dog friendly" in Cala Gonone

    The stretch called "S'Abba Meica" has the colors of the water most similar to those of the southern stretch of the Gulf of Orosei. The changing color of the water is due to the presence of numerous springs. It is a "Dog beach" where dogs can access. The seabed is mainly rocky while the shoreline has a mixture of stones and sand.

Palmasera aquafun
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How much do we have to pay to stay on the beach?

Nothing. The beaches in Cala Gonone are all free to access. For the costs of extra services such as deck chairs, umbrellas, pedal boats etc. you can refer to the "Services" page

Is it possible to arrive by car?

The beach can be reached entirely by car from Viale Palmasera. At the end of the road you will find (near the Palmasera park) a large space to park your car or motorbike. Most of the parking lots in this case are paid parking lots. Our advice is to unload your luggage, drop off passengers and find parking in Viale Bue Marino. the road parallel to Viale Palmasera.

What services does the beach offer?

On the beach there are public toilets and showers active in the months of July and August. Near the beach and the park of Palmasera there are several bars and refreshment points. As for all the other services on the beach (umbrellas, sunbeds, pedal boats, etc.) you can refer to the "services in Palmasera" page

Is the beach equipped for wheelchairs for the disabled?

A path runs along the coast of Palmasera almost entirely. The municipality has equipped the beaches with a wooden walkway for approaching the shore.

Is Palmasera "Dog Friendly"?

Palmasera beach is "Dog friendly" in the initial and final stretch. S'Abba Meica is the most beautiful one for dog owners

The beach can be reached on foot from any point in the town of Cala Gonone. For those traveling by car there is a large parking area near the park of Palmasera.

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